Pop music runs through Jennifer Gannon’s veins like raspberry syrup swirled over ice cream. She misspent half her youth with one finger on the rewind button and her eyes gazing dreamily into the latest issue of Smash Hits.

Inspired in her teenage exile years by sparky, cheekily discerning journos from Taylor Parkes to Sylvia Patterson she vowed to write about the quicksilver moments that affect us all, the infectious beat ringing through our inane lives.

Her pop defender duties have found her contributing to the Dave Fanning Show on 2fmPhantom FM and Spin FM and she has enjoyed scribbling many a rant for State.ie and Popjustice some of which are included here.

From interviewing childhood heroes Manic Street Preachers to writing about the importance of being Gaga,  the worlds of alternative music and pop are mashed into one in the brain of a girl who hopes to one day be as glamourous as her beloved Rita Sullivan from Corrie.

Contact: jennifer[at]jennpops.com