Life Tracks: Deerhunter – Nosebleed

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‘We might have made a mistake!’ This anxious, broken cry from Bradford Cox is the whinnying sound that hurtles you headlong into this exhilarating rush and fumble. A white hot explosive slip of a song that is fuelled on the sense of its own urgency. It’s as if Bradford can’t get the words out fast enough as he trips over lyrics whilst the jumble sale of sounds veers from a drunken Replacements to a tooled up Go-Betweens.

Yet again Deerhunter manage to make perfection look effortless as Cox invents a throwaway refrain that is so dangerously repetitive it rips through you like a slash hook to the heart. Such is their prodigious, frankly terrifying talents they can safely relegate this little firecracker to b-side status knowing there’s plenty more gems stashed in the arsenal.

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