Life Tracks: Fatback Band – I’ve Found Lovin’

March 01, 2012 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, LIFE TRACKS, MUSIC by No comments yet

It’s the sound of someone squeezing kittens that does it. Past the lilting almost Eastern sounding waterfall of keyboards, past the kicking drums, the scratches and break-beats comes the noise that sounds like someone’s just trodden on Keyboard Cat chewing on a zip. Over and over it loops creating a layered symphony of disco funk goodness that by the time the vocals kick in there’s no point resisting its already captured your heart.

I Found Lovin’ is a 12 minute crescendo, a dance floor hymn to newly blossomed love that manages to take you on that soaring journey of goofy smiles and heart-thumping daydreams through the medium of funk, the most romantic of genres.

 As the bass rises, the keyboards tinkle and the backing vocals break through to the monstrous, gospel charged love-bellowing refrain it is impossible not to be compelled to do an air punch at the glory of his slightly scary, shouty devotion and happiness at completing his romantic quest.

Surely it is a crime that this has yet to feature in a rom-com at the moment the hero/heroine realises they’re in love with their nerdy friend/flatmate/grumpy co-worker… Sort it out Hollywood! Cancel the schmaltzy singer songwriters and inject some frisky funkiness into the situation pronto!


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