Life Tracks: Keren Ann – My Name Is Trouble

May 11, 2011 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, LIFE TRACKS, MUSIC by No comments yet

Imagine if Beth Portishead had a penchant for Lambrini, silver capes and formation dancing…can’t? Well let the lovely Keren Ann inspire you.

She takes all the aching loneliness and fragility that are audible in Beth’s tremor but cracks the thread veins open to reveal a gushing, thumping blood stream of delicate disco pop. As we all know all the best pop songs are melancholy affairs serving the purpose to have you sweating and spinning about like a demented jackal on a night of unadulterated debauchery but also managing to wrap you in a cocoon of complex emotions on the long walk home the morning after.

It’s as soft and sensuous as slipping into a silky Stella McCartney jumpsuit. An ethereal thing of beauty whose allure lies in its faltering, skittish nature, you feel it’s so capricious it could just drift off at any moment like an unattended balloon.

 As she mournfully pours forth lyrics about being an obsessive mess, her trepidation and anxiety quiver all over a skunky bassline and crackling keyboard creating a jerky, hypnotic quality that oozes true pop soulfulness and that deserves a permanent place on all party play lists.


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