Life Tracks: Madonna – Over & Over

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There are a myriad of perfect pop confections that Jellybean and co concocted for the divine Miss M in the ’80s, every one of them a bouncy mix of the sexy and the preposterous that transformed many a young mind over the years and various other parts of their anatomies too. ‘Over and Over’ may not be up there with the best, in fact, it possibly wouldn’t be any folks most memorable but for this ridiculous girl it has become a personal mantra.

Beginning on the fateful day as a six year old I did a disastrous tumble on the way to the chipper and instead of having a cry and hobbling home to Mammy dearest, as would have been the usual routine, instead I lay close to the cracks in the concrete and for the first time thought out the phrase that has become a lifeline to me in many a vexing situation from then on: ‘WHAT WOULD MADONNA DO?’

Well, being the tough, snarling, bottle blonde crucifix dangling, ire enhancing firecracker that she was, there was no way she’d let a shiny pair of Clarks and an uneven pavement defeat her. So as I pulled myself and my grazed knees up, I took literal solace from my favourite track from the Like A Virgin album ( there were only two words I understood in that title neither began with ‘V’…) and got up again… to get chips… I doubt that was the exact message Madge wanted to expound but it did it for me and has continued to do so no matter what crappy situation life launches at me and for that I owe her a few from the bottom of the bag.

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