Life Tracks: Roxette – It Must Have Been Love

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Okay, it doesn’t quite have the funtime appeal of screaming ‘Hello, You FOOL I love you!’ into the face of your beloved like the grenade of musical insanity that is Joyride but we must acknowledge that for some, Valentine’s Day is 24 hours of paper-cut pain slicing their squelching, bloody hearts.

If you’re just not up to hearing the soul scorching honesty of Nothing Compares 2 U for the trillionth time and you are suffering from the uncontrollably urge to beat every gooney flower wielding couple in sight just look a bit closer and you’ll see in their pained expressions and on their rictus grins that some of them are as miserable as you.

So this patented ‘Love Day’ why not stop being brave and cynical and just howl something comforting into the epic darkness until your throat gets raw and your neighbours get scared and the day finally sinks without a trace. You could do worse than this almost forgotten karaoke beauty.

It Must Have Been Love was the heartbreak theme tune for legions of young girls who looked upon prostitution as the most viable occupation for the hopelessly romantic. It inspired many a Ritz-fuelled Mam to bellow it out every Saturday night in their local, dreaming of being Julia but with the aching, grim reality of being another Shirley Valentine burning in their brains.

It Must Have Been Love is common place desperation for a life never lived, a dream cut short wrapped up in a shiny power ballad bow, something that everyone can understand if not readily admit to, this Valentine’s Day massacre just surrender and let Roxette do the rest.

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