Life Tracks: The Monkees – For Pete’s Sake

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Summer is eating a ‘Blue Raspberry’ Mr. Freeze at 10AM in arctic Irish weather, the little cuts at the side of the mouth from the plastic opening oozing with victory. Summer is making ants run around on grooves of a Lo Lo Ball creating an ant Olympics. Summer is hiding all the Monopoly money under the board so the game will just END.

Summer is midway between boredom and freedom. It’s about running around with ridiculous, aimless abandon and who did that better than the Monkees? Grown up men in red jackets (and one green hat) playing a huge game of chasing in their novelty filled apartment whilst perfect pop blasted around them.

Without RTE and their bizarre summer scheduling , stuck somewhere in middle America in 1969, my sister and I would never have chosen our favourite Monkees (Peter for me, Mike for her) would never have followed their hi-jinks and mischief making and more importantly would never have discovered a treasure trove of tunes from ‘Your Auntie Grizelda’ to ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ songs that remain as vital and fun to this day. This one song ‘For Pete’s Sake’ the closing credits theme, is so potent it now releases a Proustian rush, the smell of Tinkerbell lipstick, the taste of Dip Dab on the tongue , the endless days stretched out in front of you and the promise of more Monkee business next week.

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