Life Tracks: Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love

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Nothing can quite match the inexplicable ,unrivalled, simple bliss of twisting and turning your feet on a dancefloor to a tune that feels like its captured the very heartbeat of life. Dancing out the death of the working week and losing yourself to the beat in a crowded room.

To have not danced to ‘Genius of Love’ is to do your soul a grave disservice. With its belching, hiccupping hook, quacks and lolling bassline it creates a perfect groove in your brain that has never dimmed in its 30 years of existence. With ethereal vocals sprinkled like sugar on top ,it spills out a roll call of legends from James Brown to Kurtis Blow whilst philosophising about the crazy journey of life, not bad for an artsy pop song.


Not even a spell of being pulverised into a Mariah Carey single could destroy its effervescent spirit, ‘Fantasy’ became the best song she’d never written. So when it judders into life  do your feet a favour and give them a moment of unabashed joy.

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