Ranniversary : 5ive go down to the pub…

February 15, 2012 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, RANNIVERSARY, STUFF by 2 Comments

*Ranniversary: Why wait for a decade to celebrate those seminal moments in pop history?

It’s been 12 years and  2 months since this happened…

What a jovial bunch that 5ive seemed, like a collection of pleasant plumbers who had the good fortune to become stripping karaoke merchants at their local but transferred to a BBC Radio One roadshow in front of hot and bothered Mums and their can’t-be-arsed children. They were great. Even Billie Piper loved them (well one of them…)

Sadly in the Palace Bar, Dublin in December 2000 all 5ive love came to a tragic halt, as Richie and J tried to enjoy some quiet manly pints and were accosted by two toasted sandwich eating Westlife obsessed men…neither one were Louis Walsh or Bertie Ahern . After being accused of not being as ‘good’ as Westlife (5ive sat on their stools for the duration of their pints not standing up once…) a scuffle began which resulted in Richie and J being sent to Pearse St. station and forced to listen to ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ on a loop like a special Irish version of Ludivico’s treatment. No one knows where the two Westlife loving men are now but you can guarantee if JLS decided to grace the Palace’s stools they’d be there waiting for them toasted sandwich in hand…

2 Responses to : Ranniversary : 5ive go down to the pub…

  1. Alfie Vaughan says:

    Nooo, leave poor JLS alone…

  2. sami buzard says:


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