Ranniversary : Brian Harvey runs himself over…

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*Ranniversary: Why wait for a decade to celebrate those seminal moments in pop history?

It’s been 7 years and 9 months since this happened…

Sometimes it really does feel like Dappy is Brian Harvey’s long lost son. The stupid hat that his head doesn’t fill up, the puppy-dog aggressive ‘street’ manner, the drug taking boasts, the utter face slapping idiocy and yet there is a step of senselessness that even Dappy has yet to take.

In May 2005 high on a baked potato binge, tragically it seemed Harvey replaced one drug with another… Brian decided to visit a friend at 1am, possibly to indulge in more carb- based shenanigans, (why am I imagining various members of East 17 sitting around a mound of Micro Chips like a culinary Scarface?) when he suddenly felt ill behind the wheel and opened the door to vomit, hitting the accelerator rather than the brakes, bumping into 5 parked cars before flinging him out of the vehicle causing him to be crushed by his own car in a way Kit could have only dreamed of doing.

Luckily Harvey lived to tell the tale and pass on the dangers of jacket potato addiction to the younger generation, thankfully in this Nando-centric world they have managed to eschew this certain fate, although who knows perhaps chicken addiction could cause Tinie Tempah to be crushed by his own fold up bike…let’s be careful out there . Sadly Harvey never received any compensation from McCains and now follows the Atkins diet rigorously.




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