Ranniversary: Richard Ashcroft and the Youthclub of Doom

March 12, 2012 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, RANNIVERSARY, STUFF by 1 Comment

*Ranniversary: Why wait for a decade to celebrate those seminal moments in pop history?

It’s been 6 years and 9 months since this happened…

Oh that Richard Ashcroft! He used to be as mad as a carrot, always off his mind, banging his shoes together over his head telling people to ‘Come on!’ or squawking on about ‘Never coming down’ like a confused, bug-eyed seagull.

Back when Oasis owned this laddie landscape this type of LSD-sodden behaviour was deemed not only acceptable but rather triumphant, in a sweaty end-of the-night way of asserting your masculinity. By 2006 however things had quietened down somewhat, the Cro-Magnon crown was being worn proudly by Robbie Williams and guitar bands were off having a well earned, frazzled-out rest leaving the Libertines and Razorlight in charge(thanks!). Liam had married an All Saint (clever boy) Noel was perfecting his raconteur skills, prattling on to anyone that would listen which left poor Richard without an audience to bang his shoes to.

He took action and decided to break into a youth club in Wiltshire like some crazed musical John the Baptist spreading the gospel of ‘Muuuuusssiiicccccc!’ begging to work with the poor misguided teens whilst looking like a meth-addled hobo. Sadly the message was lost on those innocent non-Verve loving teens and after a bout of man-hugging Richard was arrested and later freed to create the United Nations of Sound which obviously solved all the worlds musical problems…Mission accomplished Rich!


One Response to : Ranniversary: Richard Ashcroft and the Youthclub of Doom

  1. andy says:


    Look at the photo of him with lamacq there, flippin state of him!!!

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