Singles Review: Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love

February 12, 2012 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, SINGLES REVIEWS by 1 Comment

You can actually feel it. It’s in the glittery air Azari & III are on their way to being bloody massive. Now having just bagged a support slot with the divine Ms Madgington of Madonnaville there is only one way this souped up pop rocket is going – stratospheric.

In honour of all this crazed delight they’ve decided to re-release Reckless With Your Love which is a good thing because just not enough people were flinging their bodies about with carefree abandon to this tune first time around.

It’s a thumping, echoing, menacing masterpiece from the 90s house mould of Show Me Love. It crunches and slams around your earholes with its shuddering, metallic synths, disco throb and sky high belt-it-out refrain.

An incendiary, exhilarating Friday night theme tune that can rouse you into a shocking display of life affirming, dancing mania at the first chorus before leaving you in a breathless heap by the time it disappears from view. Essential.

One Response to : Singles Review: Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love

  1. kasek says:

    OMG! the abso faggotry of that tune! LOVE IT! :)

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