Singles Review: Blue – I Can

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With Osama Bin Laden disposed of, can we now expect the annual thought from the brain of Lee ‘what about the dolphins?’ Ryan on the current state of the post 9/11 world? Hopefully. Let’s all hope something ridiculous about the plight of badgers in Essex falls from his gaping yawnhole come Eurovision night. It’d be a hell of a lot more fun and exciting that this tumbleweed of a tune.

The blokey mob of painters and decorators, hairdressers assistants and the guy that works in the chipper hey-ho their way through this R’n’B-lite twaddle, finger pointing at no-one in particular. Face it, even in their Burtons’ best the Blue boys are bound to be outshone by the cartwheeling, Judderman juggernaut of insanity that is Jedward. Their moving tribute about ‘the dead US president man’ will make it unmissable.

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