Singles Review: Gossip – Perfect World

March 14, 2012 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, SINGLES REVIEWS by 3 Comments

Isn’t this all a bit boring for Xenomania? You’d never really believe that the folk behind some of Girls Aloud’s defining; most thrilling pop moments are responsible for something as pedestrian as this.

Firstly, its chorus sounds like something Belinda Carlisle would have rejected as a b-side, hardly memorable or addictive, more car-alarm annoying with Beth Ditto bleating like a depressed sheep. Secondly, there is no discernible tune which is not very helpful if you’re supposed to be a pop song.

It’s all a bit moany, a bit worthy, perfect for a teen Mad Max type film featuring some scenes of mild peril but not the life enhancing soup of emotions we expect from Gossip. It dribbles away with the tinkling of guitars and some disinterested humming, it feels like they can’t even be bothered to end the bloody thing properly and have become so bored they’ve  just turned themselves down before heading to the pub….hopefully to catch up with Simian Mobile Disco.

3 Responses to : Singles Review: Gossip – Perfect World

  1. Ciarán says:

    Really glad that you’re doing this blog, I’ll be a regular reader.

  2. smalleyez says:

    Ditto working with Xenomania? hadnt heard anything about this. It sounds like it should be a recipe for awesomeness. What went wrong? Will still be interested to hear the album

  3. Jozers says:


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