Singles Review: Justin Timberlake -What Goes Around Comes Around

February 07, 2007 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, SINGLES REVIEWS by No comments yet

Justin is single again, which can mean only one thing, a perfectly timed warbleathon about how his lady has done him wrong. The frisky pop-truncheon has been extracted and we’re left with a sombre Trousersnake giving his ex a lesson in karma. Although perhaps What Goes Around isn’t aimed at Miss Diaz but another of his ex’s hmmm… That Justin, he’s like the Agatha Christie of pop…

Being about heartache and the like, it’s a mid-tempo affair, meaning it sounds a bit like Cry Me A River but with a twangy Eastern hook ringing through it.


Not that it matters, as everyone will be too busy watching the video which  features Mr. Timberlake getting up to all sorts of fruity shenanigans with that Scarlett Johansson. Cheerio then Cameron….

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