Singles Review: Ladyhawke – Black, White & Blue

March 02, 2012 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, SINGLES REVIEWS by 2 Comments

It’s Ladyhawke!  Remember her? Well she’s BACK, BACK, BACK!  We all loved Ladyhawke didn’t we? Or was that just a laughable phase we went through a couple of years ago that involved headbands and tie-dye leggings? Anyway here she is minus her fringe and headband, singing a perfectly passable piece of electro pop about the Milky Way and emotional turmoil.

It gently flows along in an innocuous Goldfrapp b-side kind of way until the chorus. Sadly it manages to sound so remarkably like the climactic ‘all alone’ bit in Tragedy  that it’s difficult not to just carry on singing Tragedy breaking out the Steps head moves and thinking about Lisa Scott Lee with a Bee Gees beard….which is unfortunate and probably not what she had in mind being the serious young lady she is. Welcome back!

2 Responses to : Singles Review: Ladyhawke – Black, White & Blue

  1. eilish says:

    missed the Ladyhawke boat the first time around. not sure i can be arsed now. the single’s a bit bland int it?

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