Singles Review: Niki & The Dove – D.J. Ease My Mind

March 02, 2012 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, SINGLES REVIEWS by 1 Comment

No it’s not Lykke Li. Yes, it does have all of Lykke Li’s current trademarks: pounding drums, on-the-verge-of-tears vocals, general Swedish moroseness but this is Niki & The Dove and unlike Ms Li, they like to dance.

It’s Last Night a D.J Saved My Life for girls with Suffragette hair and Topshop make up, it’s Florence necking cheap vodka having a night off from ‘ Existentialism 101’,it’s the Knife masquerading as Ace of Base. It’s emo-dancepop of the bombastic, wind -machine variety that could cause a dance floor pile-up.

It also has a terrible video featuring some kind of disco-exorcism (with lights) and what is hopefully not a representation of an average night out in Sweden: Dancing in what looks like an 80s cruise ship wine bar, wearing a sparkly jumpsuit  and listening to a blindfolded man playing one drum with a Simon Says game attached to his chest. I think I’ll stick to Tomangoes…

One Response to : Singles Review: Niki & The Dove – D.J. Ease My Mind

  1. eilish says:

    It’s pretty fookin’ deadly is what it is…
    The Fox is pretty awesome too – massive Kate Bush-isms going on all over the gaff in it.
    Also upping the banging quotient I recommend the Fake Blood remix of The Drummer!/s/The+Drummer+Fake+Blood+Remix/4pMKoE?src=5

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