Singles Review: Oh Land – Wolf & I

March 15, 2011 Categories: ALL ARTICLES, MUSIC, SINGLES REVIEWS by No comments yet

How many devastatingly depressed chanteuses can Scandinavia ram into our ears and eyeholes? A factory full it would seem. We’ve already had Lykke Li banging on about her intense relationship with the blues, Robyn dancing with tears in her eyes and now this pretender to the Prozac throne, Oh Land.

Looking like an odd hybrid of Heidi Klum and Cerys Catatonia she should make your average Q reader very happy, sadly on this track she sounds like a comedy-yodel AutoTune ring tone stuck on repeat. As the crooned ‘ooos’ painfully run into the thousands it makes you yearn for the days before pop became the pit-stop for the artfully neurotic.

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