Singles Review: Viva Brother – Still Here

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I think they’re trying to tell us something… Yes, they’re still here even though we’ve all begged them to go away, maybe if we just ignore them this ridiculousness will cease. It’s a sad indictment of a time that has vomited up such memorable musical delights as the Wombats, Pigeon Detectives, Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks that a band wishes to harken back to the ‘glory’ days of Britpop and aspire to the averageness of a Shed Seven album track or even the dizzy heights of a Menswear b-side.

Imagine a late night, post pub, city centre scrap between Rick Witter and that bloke from Hard Fi. This tune is the mush of potato, brain and blood left behind on the damp pavement after the ambulance has been rung. This effort is so sloppily mediocre it wouldn’t even feature as a song to soundtrack Egg dancing around the kitchen in This Life (ask your Mam…)

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